She Works Hard for the Money


This chair took me two days to weave. I started the one in the back first, but realized the weave wasn’t tight enough. I couldn’t have done this without first watching this fantastic video by Ed Hammond. I think the next chair will progress more quickly as I know what I need to do without having to double check at each step in the process. Some tips for Danish paper cord weaving:

  1. You order your supplies in a huge roll of cord. Most of the weaving is performed using cord directly from the roll (to avoid having to cut and tack each segment and for a cleaner look on the underside) – I strongly suggest using something to keep the roll in 1 piece, like a vertical pole attached to a base. In the video, Ed has attached his to a rotating wheel which is very handy. If you don’t do this (and I did not do this, so that’s why I’m writing these words of wisdom) somewhere along the line, your spool will become tangled. If you think untangling a string of Christmas lights is annoying, try untangling one that is 100 times that length. It SUCKS. So, get a spool holder.
  2. Don’t be too conservative when wrapping the front and back rails. You shouldn’t see a lot of wood through the strings and if you don’t wrap enough between the long strings you will end up in this situation. I think the ideal scenario is 5 wraps between each segment in the front, and 4 in the back, with some room for variance if you just can’t get to that number.
  3. Your hands, back, and any other part of your body that is involved in repetitive movement during this process will ache, be raw, sore, red, or rashy. I advice stopping every 30 minutes for a walk and a stretch. Wear long sleeves to avoid scraping your forearms across your legs or the ropes. I’ve seen some videos where people wear well-fitting boating gloves. It might be an idea.
  4. Knitting needles in the last part are super helpful in getting the cord through the small openings

After a 2 day break I feel that my fingers have healed enough to proceed. So here I go… chair number 2 is on the roster for today.