New Acquisitions

I’ve recently discovered that there are not 1 but 2 thrift stores in my town. I’m extremely pleased by this because it’s huge and way better than the one I’ve been going to. I’m also annoyed that I have been living here, unaware that this place has existed for the past 2 or 3 years. How does one manage that? (I’m living in a small town, by the way)

Anyway, hooray for this place and their new street banner. Without it I’d have gone on in complete ignorance of their existence.

I can wander in a thrift store for a long time. But often I don’t because I’m usually with someone else and they’re annoyingly shadowing me, waiting for a sign that I have completed my browsing. So I pretend that I am done but in fact, I could remain for much longer, in search of that little item hiding in the corner somewhere. I’m also like that when I go back to the US and shop at big discount shoe stores. You have no idea how many amazing deals I’ve found by pouring through the final sale corners. I have no shame. I am a deal hunter, and further, I typically do not spend my money on impulse. I peruse, I may place items in my basket, but always prior to completing my purchases, I stop somewhere, and look at the contents of the basket to decide what I really want or need and put the rest (sometimes all) of it back.

I am proud of this for some reason… probably because I’m American and we’re all about deals. But really, I see no value in paying 400 EUR for shoes when I can buy them later for 35. It’s about quality and awareness, not quantity! Working every day sucks, why do that and then toss your cash away for something material? Use it for better things, like traveling or eating in a nice restaurant. Eat your savings away!

OK so my long-winded point here, is that in finding the new thrift store here in town, I have also found this lovely old chair. I saw it and I really liked the way the back rest hugs the shape of the person sitting in it. I wasn’t sure about the quality or if it was worth anything in the world of MCM (Mid-Century Modern), so I passed it up. As you have seen above I do not like to impulse buy… but once I was at home, I couldn’t put it to rest so I went back a few days later. I took some photos of the underside and went  home to investigate. The tag on the chair doesn’t jump out right away as anything interesting. It says, “Garantie voor Goede Constructie en Goede Arbeid” – which translates to, as you may have guessed the first part “Good construction”and “Good Labour”. I thought maybe “arbeid” would equate to craftsmanship but it really means labour. So this chair was made with good labour. In the upper right corner I saw what looked like a logo and tried it out, and I was in luck! This chair is interesting, after all.


I determined that it was made in the 1960’s by Dutch designer Louis van Teeffelen for AWA. The chair is called “Koehoorn” (cow horn) and if in very good condition a single chair can sell for about 100 EUR. Niet slecht, toch?

I went back yesterday and the chair was still there (of course) and now it's half-stripped on my table here. I need to dismantle it and restore the wood, some joins need to be re-glued, and I will probably reupholster it in “skai”, which is a leatherette or synthetic leather material which was and still is quite acceptable to use on MCM furniture. I am pleased that the investment was so low that I have no pressure to sell it and instead it'll become my new office chair!