Worthy thoughts on living

Worthy thoughts on living

Unfortunately, money IS an object and it is difficult to manage without. What is interesting though, is to take a moment to reconsider what is NEEDED to live and be happy in this life, and then to re-assess how much money is required to sustain that. Of course in our society we have extravagant ideas about what necessities are, like travelling to exotic places, regularly, and dining out, often. We want to live in major cities with nice objects around us and have a successful career.

I think all of those things are wonderful. I’m lucky that whilst I do not live in a major city, I already have a lovely home, an amazing partner who supports and loves me unconditionally and fantastic family and friends, and all of those things make dreaming of MY bigger picture possible. I’m eternally grateful for that.

In the end, for me, it’s been all about rethinking, re-prioritizing, adjusting comforts and habits, and allowing myself to desire things that bring a different kind of reward than what we often chase after in this modern society. More money, a better job title, more respect, beauty, affluence, acceptance, status. I’m not sure if those things bring happiness, despite happiness being another major goal for people in life. So maybe it’s worth revisiting and considering what elements are missing from your life. For me, it’s being creative. For years, I’ve lacked the desire and energy to create something and the peace and space in my head and heart to appreciate all of the other things that make me feel whole.

So, what if money was no object. What would you do differently?

I am fairly sure that most people would not end up working in an office for a big corporation or in finance – which is probably what most people do today