Everyone has a story! What's mine? As a small child, I could be found drawing at the kitchen table. I forged a path through my life where art was my constant and I as I was preparing for college, I dreamt of a future in illustration. But really, I found it too difficult to choose one study and instead I pursued a wide variety of courses which has left me with a breadth of knowledge and appreciation for the history of art and architecture, contemporary art, photography, textiles, illustration, interior design, graphic design, upholstery, pottery and metal smithing, to name a few. Today, I still take courses and work to round-out my interests as I feel inspired because creativity is a great force and if you feel it, you need to go with it! My varied interests have steered me into the direction of becoming an all-around creative, and despite that being complicated sometimes, I feel fortunate and gifted for being able to dip my fingers in anything that comes my way and run with it. There are so many things out there to find inspiration in. For me, it's not only those that fit into my "brand" but it's about the ability to find beauty everywhere and translate it into whatever energy it seeks. 

Over the years I've realized that when I'm not being creative, I'm missing core components in my life that make me feel happy. I strive to live with meaning and for me that is to stop and look at the sky, to observe nature up close, to question social norms and to think about those things in life that we often take for granted. In that sphere I've grown in a direction where living mindfully has greatly influenced how I look at consumerism and "want versus need". Of course my aim is to create beautiful things and put them out there into the world for others to enjoy and that does to a degree contribute to consumerism however that is why a major focus in my business is to source materials from reliable contacts. Preferably from people who know on a personal level where the products are made and of course, to know that my purchases of those materials are not at the exploitation of others. 

Aside from that, I'm an American implant in The Netherlands, living with my Dutchie and two cats. I practice yoga regularly. I have a Cube mountain bike that I absolutely love and cycling or walking in the local dunes and beach by my home is where I unplug and fall in love with this place over and over again.